Research interests

Currently, my broad interest is in forest ecology using tree rings and spatial analysis in GIS environments. My research is focused on the conservation and management of natural resources.


  1. Drones and Dendro: an opportunity for precision silviculture (2020-2021).
  2. Exploring carbon variation using dendroecological proxies. Proposal No. A1-S-21471 (2019-2022).
  3. Climatic vulnerability of forestry species in Durango. Fomix-Dgo-2017 (2017-2018).
  4. Carbon content variation in the components of forestry species. Project No. 2225225 (2014-2017).
  5. Geospatial analysis of forest fires in Durango and climate change. Project No. Dgo-2010-CO2-1443405 (2011-2012).
  6. Geographic information system of the ecosystems of arid zones in the State of Durango. Project No. Fomix-Dgo-2008-C01-87972 (2008-2009).
  7. Genetic improvement in forestry in the State of Chihuahua (2003-2008).
  8. Establishment of a permanent network of forestry plots (June 2007-October 2007).
  9. Development of sustainable management programs in priority montane areas: Copala (Dgo.), San Fernando (BCS), and San Pedro Mártir (BC), contemplated in the Program for Sustainable Management in Montane Ecosystems. Project No. CONAFOR-2006-C01-37513 (2006-2007).
  10. Study of Carbon in the Forests of the Ejido Papajichi, Municipality of Guachochi, Chihuahua. (2007-2008).
  11. Study of Carbon in the Forests of the Ejido Guachochi, Municipality of Guachochi, Chihuahua. (2007- 2008).
  12. Formulation of the forestry hydrological program "Región VI Rio Bravo" (2005-2007).
  13. Program proposal for sustainable management in the priority montane ecosystem of La Tinaja Sierra Alta, Chihuahua. Project No. FSIDITF/ST/208/05 (2005- 2006).
  14. Geographic information system of the forestry ecosystem of the State of Chihuahua. Project No. CONAFOR-2002-C01-5998 (February 2003-December 2003).
  15. Determining the productive potential of a forestry site in “Pinos Altos”, Municipality of Ocampo (May 2000-December 2000).

UAV monitoring

  1. Monitoring of Kawi Tamiruyé.
  2. Instructions for entering the UJED server.


  1. Member of Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Forestales Sección Chihuahua.
  2. Leader of the DendroRed research network.
  3. Member of the Consolidated Academic Body UJED-CA-77 “Natural Resources and Ecology”.
  4. International Workshop on Forest International Studies.
  5. Member of the "Sierra Madre" research network.
  6. Associate of the Society of Latin American Specialists in Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems (SELPER).
  7. Mexican Carbon Program.