1. Dendroecology Laboratory.
  2. Dendrochronological sampling.

Geographic information systems

  1. Drones for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), to Estimate greenes index at individual tree level.
  2. Making metadata.
  3. How to make a climograph.
  4. How to Create a 3D Map in QGIS.
  5. Working with the Attribute Table in Qgis.
  6. Basic Data Processing with OpenDroneMap.
  7. Activity 1 Manual diagram.
  8. Activity 2 Installation of Qgis.
  9. Activity 3. Basic edition of points and lines.
  10. Application for reading the book “The Hidden Life of Trees”.
  11. Generation of points, polygons and surfaces.
  12. Geoprocessing.
  13. Classification by attributes.
  14. Conversion of geographic projection to UTM (Polygon of the State of Durango).